Chase Hill Farm

Farm/Brand HeadquartersWarwick, MA
ProductsCheese, fluid milk
Market AreaMA, UT
Total Score1470

They write: “Chase Hill Farm is a small family farm located in the hills of western Massachusetts near the Vermont-New Hampshire border. We are Mark and Jeannette Fellows and we have been farming the 264-acre dairy farm for 25 years. We produce high quality milk, cheese, and meat from our grassfed animals. Our herd of 26 Normande cows produces top-quality organic milk seasonally from March to December. Normandes are a French breed of cow known for their grazing abilities as well as the quality of their beef and milk for cheesemaking.

We practice sustainable methods of agriculture including:

Rotational grazing
Seasonal Calving
Draft horsepower
No fertilizer or pesticide use
Organic certification
Our vision is to work a farm that is environmentally, economically, and personally sustainable.”

TOTAL (possible score is 1600 plus extra credit) 1470
5-Cow Rating | Top-Rated—Beyond Organic
Ownership structure100Farmstead dairy
Milk Supply100Single farm
Organic Production100Brand only markets organic
Disclosure of Information for Verification100Full disclosure
Organic Certification100Bay State Organic Certifiers
Other Labels/Standards0None
Grass-fed90100% grass fed with superb DMI
Soy Free Ration?Yes
Pasture100Superb pasture compliance
Times Milked95One farm twice a day; other farm once a day
Cull/death Rate90Low cull rate
Replacements100Closed herd
Calves95Calves raised with milking herd, nurse free choice off nursing cows. Weaned at 6 months
Antibiotic Use100No antibiotic use
Hormone Usage100No hormones used
Farm Support100Lives on premises
Procurement of Ingredients100No outside ingredients used
Extra Credit0None