Blue Marble Ice Cream

Farm/Brand HeadquartersBrooklyn, NY
ProductsIce cream
Market AreaNationwide
Total Score1185
TOTAL (possible score is 1600 plus extra credit) 1185
4-Cow Rating | Excellent
Ownership structure70Corporation with a good track record
Milk Supply70Sourced from a trusted cooperative
Organic Production95All dairy is certified organic; some products are not due to non-certified mix-ins.
Disclosure of Information for Verification90Excellent disclosure
Organic Certification100Baystate Organic Certifiers
Other Labels/Standards0None
Grass-fed40Meets minimum USDA percent intake requirements
Soy Free Ration?No
Pasture70Most supplier farms do some more-than-average grazing
Times Milked90Two times a day (standard protocol on legitimate organic dairies)
Cull/death Rate75Moderate cull rate
Replacements50Conventional cattle may be rotated into organic dairy herds.
Calves75Removed shortly after birth (standard practice)
Antibiotic Use100No antibiotic use
Hormone Usage100No hormone use
Farm Support70Supplier sets standards and has a staff that visits farms regularly
Procurement of Ingredients90Outside ingredients from trusted sources
Extra Credit0None