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Largest Organic Milk Bottler Accused of Misrepresenting Products

Consumers Cautioned to Choose Organic Milk without Dubious, Illegal Ingredients Cornucopia, Wis.—The Cornucopia Institute filed a formal request with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today, asking for an investigation into Dean Foods’ advertisements for its Horizon milk with Omega-3 DHA, alleging the nation’s largest dairy conglomerate with consumer fraud in misrepresenting the nutritional benefits of… Read more »

Keep Organics a Safe Haven from Unsafe/Unnecessary Synthetics

[This Action Alert is Over] Protect Babies/Children’s Health—View Video—Sign the Petition Organic foods provide a refuge from the toxins, synthetics, and chemically processed ingredients that masquerade as food in the conventional food supply. Through corruption at the USDA some questionable ‘nutrient’ ingredients—produced by Martek Biosciences Corporation’s (DHA/ARA oils from algae and soil fungus) — have… Read more »

(ALERT OVER) Stop the Corporate Takeover of Organics

Send Your Comments to the National Organic Standards Board – Comments Due April 10! – The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), which advises the Secretary of Agriculture on organic policy and rulemaking, is considering several changes to the USDA’s organic standards that would water down organics, catering to corporate interests. We cannot allow corporate-backed members… Read more »

Keep Questionable Synthetics Out of Organics!

[This action alert is over.] Please sign your name to our petition to keep unapproved synthetic and non-organically produced “nutrient” ingredients out of organic foods. Please scroll down to read the full text of the petition. We will deliver the petition to the staff of the National Organic Program (USDA) and the National Organic Standards… Read more »

Industry Watchdog “Dumbfounded” by USDA’s Failure to Enforce Organic Law

USDA Continues Bush-era Policy of Allowing Unapproved Synthetic Additives March 21, 2011 For Immediate Release Contact: Mark Kastel, 608-625-2000 Charlotte Vallaeys, 978-369-6409 Cornucopia, WI—The Cornucopia Institute, one of the nation’s leading organic industry watchdogs, condemned the position of the United States Department of Agriculture that it will allow products containing unapproved synthetic additives to be… Read more »

(ALERT OVER) Keep Questionable Synthetic Additives Out of Organics!

Protect Babies’ and Children’s Health March 21, 2011 In conventional foods, the government allows the use of toxic pesticides, genetically engineered crops, and novel synthetic additives that have not been tested for safety. As organic consumers, we say: “No thanks, we’d rather not be part of this huge uncontrolled experiment!” Organic foods offer an alternative,… Read more »

Corporate Propaganda: Crossing the Line to Outright Lies

Dean Foods’ organic label, Horizon, claims that “the USDA has not banned the use of plant-based DHA.”  However, according to federal law, any ingredient or additive that is not produced according to organic standards must be formally petitioned, reviewed and accepted before it can be added to organic foods. The federal organic standards provide a… Read more »

New Organic Milk Contains Illegal Synthetic Additive

Nation’s Largest Corporate Dairy Violates USDA Ruling, Acts as if it’s above the Law CORNUCOPIA, Wis.   A prominent organic industry watchdog filed a formal legal complaint today alleging that a newly introduced product, by the giant dairy conglomerate Dean Foods, includes a synthetic nutritional oil that is prohibited in organics.  The product, Horizon Fat-Free Milk… Read more »

The New Frontier: Genetically Modified Oil Wars

GMO Journal Consumer Beware: the next generation of biotech crops focus directly on you. Unlike most of GM crops currently on the market, which are genetically altered to be herbicide and pesticide resistant, the new generation of GM crops are designed to express alleged nutritional benefits. Focusing on soybean oil — the fastest way to… Read more »

Infant Formula Report

DHA Infant Formula Research

Replacing Mother: Imitating Human Breast Milk in the Laboratory, details research questioning the alleged benefits of adding “novel” omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, produced in laboratories and extracted from algae and fungus, into infant formulas. The report presents disturbing research indicating that the new additives placed in infant formula are seriously endangering the health of some formula-fed newborns and toddlers. Aggressive marketing campaigns by some infant formula manufacturers appear to have encouraged new mothers to give up nursing and switch to use of the questionable infant formula products.