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Yogurt Scorecard FAQ

by Jason Cole In December of 2014, Cornucopia released its latest report, Culture Wars: How the Food Giants Turned Yogurt, a Health Food, into Junk Food. The report accuses marketers such as Dannon, Yoplait, and Chobani of misleading consumers into purchasing yogurts with very high levels of sugar and a wide variety of potentially unsafe… Read more »

The Cultivator – Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 Cultivator, Cornucopia’s quarterly newsletter, is now available online. Download the PDF here. In it you’ll find: Cover story: Is Hydroponics Organic? Commentary: Democracy in the Grocery Aisle? Feature: See No Evil News: Carrageenan Update Yogurt Scorecard FAQ Bienvenue, Jérôme Rigot Farmer Profile: Big Muddy Urban Farm

Starbucks Debuts Coconut Milk That Isn’t Coconut Milk

[NOTE: For more information on the inflammatory properties of the food ingredient carrageenan, visit] Rebooted Body by Kevin Geary In an attempt to appeal to the non-dairy crowd, Starbucks is bringing “coconut milk” to the masses. After a successful trial run in select cities at the behest of their customers, Starbucks has decided to… Read more »

Is Your Pet’s Food as Safe as You Think?

5 Tips to Keeping Your Furry Friend Healthy and Well Fed By Linley Dixon, PhD In recent years, anecdotal reports by veterinarians suggest there has been a spike in serious intestinal maladies in pets. Americans spend about $22 billion on pet food each year. Source:  Pet food quality varies significantly and all too often includes dangerous… Read more »

New Report Criticizes Yogurt Industry

Major Brands Accused of Turning Health Food into Junk Food A new report, Culture Wars: How the Food Giants Turned Yogurt, a Health Food, into Junk Food,issued by The Cornucopia Institute, accuses Dannon, Yoplait, Chobani and other major marketers of misleading parents, who are looking for healthier foods for their families, into purchasing yogurts loaded… Read more »

Follow the National Organic Standards Board Meeting in Louisville, KY #NOSB

Last Updated: 10-30-14, 3:38 p.m. ET Join The Cornucopia Institute as we live tweet from the National Organic Standards Board meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. We will be sharing the play by play with our Twitter followers under #NOSB or simply follow our stream. If you’re not already following us on Twitter, please do so here…. Read more »

10 Years, 10,000 Members & 100,000 on Facebook

Cornucopia in 2014: The Power of the Organic Farmer–Organic Eater Connection [This story originally appeared in the Fall 2014 issue of The Cultivator, The Cornucopia Institute’s quarterly print publication available to members and online.] Commentary by Mark Kastel Credit: Dollar Photo Club Some of our members have probably heard me say this before: Farmers have no clout in… Read more »

Letter to the Congressional Organic Caucus

NOTE: PCC Natural Markets, in Seattle, coordinated a letter to members of Congress expressing the concerns from three dozen retailers about the arbitrary changes made by the USDA to NOSB governance and advice over organic food and agriculture.  These changes continue to trouble Cornucopia and many others in the organic community. PCC Natural Markets To… Read more »

Food Additives on the Rise as FDA Scrutiny Wanes

Washington Post by Kimberly Kindy The explosion of new food additives coupled with an easing of oversight requirements is allowing manufacturers to avoid the scrutiny of the Food and Drug Administration, which is responsible for ensuring the safety of chemicals streaming into the food supply. And in hundreds of cases, the FDA doesn’t even know… Read more »