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Wholesale Approval of Genetically Engineered Foods — Obama Administration Disappoints/Angers Public

Agent Orange Herbicide Ingredient Would be Widely Used USDA seeks comments for Monsanto and Dow genetically engineered crops Cornucopia, WI – Over the holidays, the United States Department of Agriculture announced its approval of a novel strain of genetically engineered corn, developed by Monsanto, purportedly being “drought tolerant.” Despite receiving nearly 45,000 public comments in… Read more »

National Organic Standards Board Meeting Report

Economic Power/Corporate Lobbyists Manipulate the System The National Organic Standards Board November meeting in Savannah, GA, held Nov. 29 to Dec. 2, revealed the deep divide that exists in the organic industry between public interest groups (like Cornucopia), farmers and consumers fighting for a strong and meaningful organic label and corporate executives and their paid… Read more »

Future of Organic Food and Agriculture at Risk

Use of Synthetic Preservatives, Genetically Mutated Ingredients and Weak Animal Welfare Standards Headed for Vote by USDA Panel Cornucopia, WI—The Cornucopia Institute, one of the nation’s leading organic industry watchdogs, is urging members of the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), in formal testimony, to vote to preserve the integrity of organic food and farming… Read more »

Official Comments to the USDA National Organic Standards Board

1. Cornucopia testimony and detailed analysis on Martek Biosciences’ proposed novel DHA/ARA oils can be found at: 2.  Cornucopia’s response to the wine industry lobby’s request for artificial preservatives (sulfites) in organic wine can be viewed at: 3.  A detailed response from The Cornucopia Institute, to the NOSB livestock committee’s… Read more »

Action Alert: Protect Organics from Synthetic Additives and Factory Farms

[This Action Alert is Over] Sign and Mail Your Proxy Letter Protect Organics from Synthetic Additives and Factory Farms Please take a moment to print, sign and mail the proxy letter today! The organic label was founded on the idea that food should be produced in concert with nature, without dangerous chemicals and synthetic ingredients…. Read more »

Newsletter – Fall 2011

Our hardcopy newsletter for Fall 2011 is now available online. Please see it at the below link. In it you’ll find:

‘Brain Health’ My Foot, Milk Class Action Lawsuit Claims

Courthouse News Service SAN DIEGO (CN) – A $5 million class action disputes the link Dean Foods has tried to fasten between Horizon organic DHA-fortified milk and purported improvement to “brain health” in adults and children. The consumer complaint says that Dean and its subsidiary, Whitewave Foods, sell a line of four Horizon organic milk… Read more »

The Cornucopia Institute Launches YouTube Channel

Okay, I admit I’m a Luddite. I love newspapers and read many throughout the week (the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, local daily papers and farm publications). But the younger generation here at Cornucopia has convinced me that many folks are now getting the lion share of their news and information off the… Read more »

Newsletter – Summer 2011

Our hardcopy newsletter for Summer 2011 is now available online. Please see it at the below link. In it you’ll find: – Animal Welfare Standards Delayed – Farmers and Seed Producers Launch Preemptive Strike Against Monsanto – New Additions to Cornucopia’s Board of Directors and Policy Advisors Panel – Who is Mischa Popoff? – New… Read more »

Another Side of Tilapia, the Perfect Factory Fish

The New York Times By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL AGUA AZUL, Honduras — A common Bible story says Jesus fed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish, which scholars surmise were tilapia. But at the Aquafinca fish farm here, a modern miracle takes place daily: Tens of thousands of beefy, flapping tilapia are hauled out of… Read more »