Center for Rural Affairs

President-elect Barack Obama launched his campaign in Iowa with a promise to create genuine opportunity for rural people and family farmers. Obama proposed changing the failed rural policy of Washington by capping payments to megafarms and enforcing rules against unfair practices by meat packers to strengthen family farms. To revitalize rural communities, he proposed investing in small business development and value added agriculture.

Now, Obama has announced he will appoint former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture. Mr. Vilsack must embrace the goals set forth during the campaign.

Now, you can urge Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to carry through on the policies Obama campaigned on. Sign this grassroots letter to Secretary Vilsack and add your own comment about the change you want to see in farm, food and rural community policy. We will deliver your signatures to Secretary Vilsack early in 2009.

To read and sign the letter, vist the website for the Center for Rural Affairs.

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