Updated November 1, 2018


Since the beginning of 2015, there have been a number of key votes in Congress related to your right to know if the foods you are eating contain genetically engineered ingredients. In July of 2016 the food industry and its agri-business allies managed to pass a sham “labeling” law that short-circuits meaningful state-level GMO labeling efforts (“The DARK Act”). The legislation includes no requirement for clear, on-package labeling of GMOs in this law.

Do you know how your representatives voted on GMO issues? Cornucopia has done the research for you, creating a scorecard grading members of Congress on their willingness to fight for transparency and your right to know what is in your food.

View these GMO voting scorecards to see how your elected officials measure up: 

House of Representatives – alphabetical (PDF)

House of Representatives – by state (PDF)

Senate – alphabetical (PDF)

Senate – by state (PDF)

GMO Voting Scorecard Press Release