Company: F.W. Cobs Company, Inc.
Market Area: Vermont
Location: Saint Albans Bay, VT
Web site: www.fwcobs.com
Phone: 888-531-4888

They write: F.W. Cobs has locations throughout the United States and Canada with headquarters in Vermont. F.W. Cobs buys and sells both feeds and milling-grade grains and buys directly from the grower and delivering to feed mills and milling company throughout North America.

In February 2018, F.W. Cobs Company, Inc. opened the doors of their new certified organic location in Stewart, MN. With the purchase of this grain elevator, F.W. Cobs added 500,000 bushels of storage, a rail siding that will accommodate the loading of 20 railcars, and a bin arrangement that will allow handling of organic corn, wheat, barley, soybeans, and other small grains.

The company’s philosophy has always been based on producer and customer relationships.

F.W. Cobs Company Inc. has committed to supporting producers in North America, developing its business by only purchasing in the United States and Canada.

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