Organic foods must conform to a higher standard than other foods, according to the Organic Foods Production Act. Yet carrageenan is still found in many foods, including some certified organic foods.

Since 2011, when Cornucopia began investigating the use of carrageenan in organics, many companies have chosen to reformulate their products, replacing carrageenan and often marketing new formulations as “carrageenan free.” Several brands of plant-based beverages, chocolate milk, lunch meat, and ice cream no longer contain carrageenan.

These companies answered the call from consumers like you, and we applaud them for acknowledging mounting consumer concerns. Guided by Cornucopia’s research, thousands of people have written and called companies to send a strong message that we do not want this inflammatory ingredient in our food. Your marketplace activism worked!

But dozens of major brands continue to expose consumers to this harmful ingredient, sometimes without listing it on the package (carrageenan can be used as a processing aid and not appear on ingredient panels). You can learn more about what products to avoid by consulting the Guide to Avoiding Carrageenan in Organic Food.

Costco, one of the biggest influencers in the marketplace, still uses carrageenan in two of its store-brand products: Kirkland Signature organic chocolate milk and Kirkland Signature organic soy beverage.

Please sign our proxy letter today, and tell Costco that we will not tolerate harmful ingredients in organic products.

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