Company: Common Good Farm
Market Area: Nebraska
Location: Raymond, NE
Web site:
Phone: 402-783-9005

They write: Common Good Farm is located in Lancaster County, Nebraska & focuses on growing good food through good farming. We have Nebraska’s longest running CSA, still the heart-beat of the farm, and additionally offer a spring plant sale, pastured pork & 100% grass-fed/grazed beef, produce, pastured eggs, farmers market & small scale wholesale. The farm is a certified organic & certified Biodynamic. In some ways, the certifications are just a reflection of our striving to grow the highest quality produce, eggs & meat & plants through soil vitality & regeneration & conscientious farming practices. We use Biodynamic & organic seeds as available, focus on open-pollinated & heirloom varieties & limit our use of hybrids. We’re a mom & pop farm…food is grown from seed to harvest by Evrett Lunquist & Ruth Chantry & family. Our farm is located just 1 1/2 miles north of Raymond, Nebraska. Most of our goods go towards Lincoln & other points in southeast Nebraska. We’re fortunate also to now have a certified organic meat locker within a reasonable distance to finish that part of bringing our quality meats to our customers.

Why do we farm the way we do? We feel called to grow good food, pure & simple…for people we know or come to know. Farming this way provides that which is uplifting for us & for our customers.

All our animal rations — for our pullets, laying hens & hogs — are custom mixed & ground right here on farm by Evrett with certified organic grains, weed seeds sometimes & whatever we can to provide for the correct nutritional needs for our animals. We are fortunate to be able to purchase all our grain & hay from within about 200 miles of us or less…all from other certified organic Nebraska producers.

We provide much that is delicious & hopeful & dynamic in CSA & sustainable farming:
• Stewardship of our human, animal & plant communities.
• Growing & providing the most local, delicious, nutritious foods we can…good food for the spirit & the body.
• Preserving & creating wildlife habitats with farmer as land steward.
• A family owned & operated farm that is supported by the community & in turn supports the community with good food & good farming.
• Engaging, supporting & helping to create & sustain the most local food system we can…this creates some level of personal sovereignty that isn’t part of any industrial food system. We’ve been doing this since day 1 of our farm & it’s been exciting every step of the way to see the changes over the last couple of decades in Nebraska!

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