Company: Central Plains Organic Farmers Association
Market Area: KS
Location: Bremen, KS
Web site:
Phone: 785-939-2032

They write: The Central Plains Organic Farmers Association (CPOFA) is a bargaining/marketing cooperative for organic grain and livestock producers located primarily in Kansas and bordering states.

CPOFA was first organized in 1974 as the Kansas Organic Producers Association, an education association for organic farmers to develop organic agriculture, formulate organic standards, and establish organic markets. By the late 1980’s several organic certification organizations were established, utilizing broadly accepted certification standards, and were in business certifying organic farms and businesses. CPOFA members were involved with these efforts. With a growing number of CPOFA certified farms and a collective inventory of organic grain, in 1992 CPOFA reorganized as a marketing cooperative to help build organic grain markets and to represent its members in negotiating grain sales and coordinating deliveries.

The major crops CPOFA members produce and market include corn, wheat, soybeans, grain sorghum, oats, barley, sunflowers, alfalfa, clover and millet.

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