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Letter to the Editor: Organic Coffee Grower Colehour Bondera Addresses Coffee Labeling

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

Cornucopia’s Take: One of Cornucopia’s respected farmer members, and past NOSB member, Colehour Bondera, recently wrote to us in response to our Cultivator article on coffee labeling. You will find his letter to us, printed in totality, below.

Letter to the Editor
by Colehour Bondera

Colehour Bondera

This is a communication in reply to the recent (Fall 2017) article by Linley Dixon, titled, “Considering Coffee.”

Let us all recognize that coffee has been moved from tropical to temperate regions for well over 500 years. There does not seem to be any shift in said demand. As one of the primary-level, “global drugs” (chocolate and alcohol being the others), coffee is something which must be seen as a foundational product to learn from.

For that reason, we must learn about coffee, and as a long-term farmer of organic Kona coffee, it is important to remind of the fact that coffee is grown in Puerto Rico and Hawaii, both directly parts of the United States. Therefore, it is encouraged that you recognize what is already (and has been for hundreds of years) US crops that are available to even those far away!

As an organic coffee farmer, it is not necessary to use any of the synthetic chemicals that are used so widely in the coffee industry (including not only in production and processing, but also with shipping and storage.) In fact, as said before, remember that coffee has been exported many miles from production for hundreds of years successfully – well before any of these unnecessary inputs were available. Read Full Article »