News paper clipping declaring June Is Dairy Month with photos of cows, farmers, and a barn

A Legacy of Local

86-year-old Hanover Co-op stands with dairy farmers  Hanover Co-op Food Stores source $17 million annually out of the New Hampshire and Vermont local foodsheds. A significant portion of those sales comes from organic dairy. Cornucopia recently caught up with...

Farmer with children walking in a field

Heartbreak and Hope

The diagnostic story of California Cloverleaf Farms Dairy By Rachel Zegerius California Cloverleaf Farms is the latest casualty in organic dairy. Crushed by the onslaught of industrialized producers, Ward and Rosie Burroughs, with son Zeb and daughter-in-law Meridith, recently...

Cows graze in pasture

Everything You Wanted to Know about A2 Milk

By Kestrel Burcham, JD There is some buzz in the dairy marketplace about A2 milk — but what is it? And why do some people claim it solves the gastrointestinal issues that drinking cows’ milk usually gives them? A...

An organic jersey cow

What’s the Buzz Around A2 milk?

You may have seen a label becoming more common on your dairy shelves: A2 milk. What is A2 milk, and why do some people claim that it solves gastrointestinal issues they otherwise get from dairy? A2 isn’t really new....

Aurora Dairy in Dublin, Texas (May 5, 2014)

The Complete Guide to the Dairy Crisis

Why Small Organic Farms Are Going Under A stated purpose of the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 (OFPA) (7 CFR § 6501-6522) is to assure consumers that organically produced products meet a consistent and uniform standard. Currently, there...


The Nutritional Value of 100% Grass-Fed Organic Milk

Dairy products labeled 100% grass fed are gaining popularity in the marketplace for good reason: As with all living things, cattle “are what they eat”! Cattle, along with sheep and goats, are ruminants, meaning they evolved to eat and...

Dairy Case Decisions

Why Your Favorite Organic Store Brand May Not Measure Up

Trader Joe’s does not have its own dairy cows, produce farm, and pasta manufacturing plant. Costco does not make yogurt. Kroger does not have an egg facility.  Thanks to the proliferation of grocery store brands, such misconceptions aren’t entirely obvious.  At a minimum, these products, also...

Dairy Cow

The Number One Question for Determining the Integrity of Your Organic Dairy

The number of times a day your favorite dairy brand milks its cows speaks volumes about the integrity of its operation. Organic dairy cows are required to have access to pasture for the entire grazing season. The 5 cow...

Truly Pasture-Raised - cattle in a pasture by a pond

On Pasture: Where Cows Belong

If you drink milk, your morning glass may conjure images of cows grazing and napping on a bright spring morning. Yet the majority of dairy in the US comes from conventional factory farms where confined cows are fed concentrates,...

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