Earl Ransom Strafford - Organic Creamery

A wild orchard hugs the driveway. The sleepy sugar shack awaits syrup season. And large round bales, set to sustain the herd of Guernsey cows until the growing season, stack high against the calf barn. Strafford Organic Creamery exudes a charm that is quintessentially Vermont.

Second-generation dairy farmer Earl Ransom explains, “We strive to grow high-quality forage: grass, alfalfa, legumes, and clover in the summer and harvest it properly, so we can feed that in the winter.”

Spring through fall, the cows rotationally graze 56 paddocks, moving onto fresh grass every 12 hours. Keeping the herd healthy is top of mind at Strafford—that and making uncompromising dairy products.

The creamery produces and processes all of its products on-farm, selling to 27 stores throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

Loyal customers extol the handmade eggnog, chocolate milk (sans carrageenan), and ice cream made from the most wholesome ingredients, including mint picked on the farm and local eggs cracked by hand.

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