Company: Bar Ale Inc.
Market Area: California
Location: Williams, CA
Web site:
Phone: (530) 473-3333

Bar ALE, Inc. is a family owned business located in Williams, California. The Company began over 50 years ago in Petaluma, California, under the leadership of Heimi Ash. The name, Bar ALE, is actually the Company’s livestock brand and was used when the business included a beef cattle operation in the Sonoma County area. “ALE” is an acronym for Ash, Lewis, and Epping, the three founders of the Company. Today, the Company is owned by the members of the Lewis family and it is operated by Mr. Ash’s grandson.

Bar ALE livestock feeds are formulated to supply the optimal nutrients and vitamins your animals require. We believe in using high quality ingredients in our feeds. Bar ALE, Inc. is committed to agriculture by providing the highest quality livestock feeds and service to our customers. We also believe in clean food. That’s why we use Non-GMO grains and our plants are CERTIFIED ORGANIC. We are never satisfied with anything less than perfect. We know you aren’t either.

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