September 2021

Tell Danone You Stand with Farm Families

Danone (owner of Horizon Organic Milk) is the global leader in fresh dairy products, owns over 20 brands, and is a 10.3 billion-dollar company, but they claim they cannot afford to continue to support family organic dairy farms that have helped build the Horizon Organic brand for decades. Instead,...

September 2021

Avoiding Carrageenan? Strengthen our Case to the NOSB

The USDA National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) will soon review (once again!) the use of carrageenan in organic foods. On the table: whether to remove this controversial ingredient from organic food. With your help, we can ensure that decision is based on the full spectrum of organic stakeholder input—not...

April 2021

Calling All Consumer Advocates (That’s You!)

Cornucopia is at it again, and we need you to be our eyes and ears in the aisles in a grocery store near you! The certified organic blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries at your local store may be grown on hydroponic and other soilless “farms.” By law, organic crop producers...

February 2021

Help Us Find the Good Eggs

The National Organic Program’s Organic Integrity Database currently lists nearly 1,000 certified egg operations. We need your help identifying them, and getting more authentic organic brands on the shelves of your local co-op, natural grocery store, or other retail outlet. As organic egg sales continue to rise, making up...

Flint Farmers Market
November 2020

Restore the Cost Share for Organic Certification

10 Minutes to Support Organic Farmers In this season of gratitude, your voice is needed. Your call or email today could help organic farmers receive the cost share assistance they have been promised in fiscal year 2021. In August, the USDA’s Farm Service Agency announced a partial defunding of the Organic...

September 2020

Urge USDA to Close US Ports to Fraudulent Imports

Comment by Midnight ET on October 5 The long awaited Strengthening Organic Enforcement Rule is sorely needed, and your help is needed to get a sensible rule to the finish line. Tell the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) to strengthen and finalize the SOE. Cornucopia has been investigating fraudulent...

Milk Plant Code
August 2020

Watch That Milk Plant Code!

What if you had a way to avoid milk from an “organic” dairy feedlot operation? Happily, you may! It requires the fine print, usually found near the top of the milk carton or on the lids of gallon containers. Those faint numbers, known as the “milk plant code,” give...

Bear Creek Organic Farm
August 2020

USDA Undermines the Will of Congress

Ill-timed and unilateral decision cuts vital assistance to authentic organic farms The USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) announced on August 10 that it will be reducing reimbursement amounts paid to organic farmers under the Organic Certification Cost Share Program (OCCSP). It will now reimburse 50% of certification costs (up...

March 2020

Your Story Matters

How is COVID-19 Impacting Your Community? In food communities throughout the country, eaters, activists, farmers and businesses are tied together in ways we’re only beginning to understand. Share your perspective in the form below.

No GMOs in Organic! Sign on.
August 2019

Sign On: No GMOs in Organic!

This petition is closed. The Cornucopia Institute recently reported on troubling comments made by USDA Under Secretary Ibach at a House Agriculture Subcommittee meeting regarding the possibility of gene editing in organic. Sign our petition below! If your organization would like to sign on, please contact us.

Mail a Letter
March 2019

Proxy Letter from Certified Organic Farmers to Certifiers

If you are a certified organic farmer or business owner, please consider printing and filling out the proxy letter below. If you return it to Cornucopia, we will send it on to your certifier along with proxies from other farmers who share your certifer. Here is the letter text:...

What the Frack?!
September 2015

Frack No!

Sign the Petition to Ban the Use of Frack and Sewage Wastewater for Growing Organic Food The USDA needs to...

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