The USDA National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) will soon review (once again!) the use of carrageenan in organic foods. On the table: whether to remove this controversial ingredient from organic food. With your help, we can ensure that decision is based on the full spectrum of organic stakeholder input—not just political pressure driven by industrial interests.

Thousands of studies, along with more than 2,500 accounts of anecdotal evidence from people who use Cornucopia’s consumer research, indicate that carrageenan causes inflammation. Considering this data and the fact that organic food must meet a higher standard for human health, it is a surprise that carrageenan is allowed in organic food.

While many organic brands have reformulated their products to address mounting consumer concerns, dozens of major brands continue to expose consumers to this harmful ingredient, sometimes without listing it on the package. (Carrageenan can be used as a processing aid and not appear on ingredient panels.)

What can you do?

  • If you have removed carrageenan from your diet and noticed changes in your health, share your experiences. With your permission, we will include your testimony in our official comments to the NOSB and National Organic Program. Comments are due September 30.
  • Share Cornucopia’s recent posts on social media and forward this email to a friend or your favorite doctor or nutritionist (see below).
  • If you are a doctor or nutritionist who recommends patients avoid carrageenan, use your voice to help our efforts.

The Cornucopia Institute will continue to advocate vigorously to rid the organic marketplace of this harmful ingredient.

Share your experiences and spread the word today: Carrageenan is a dangerous food additive, and should be removed from the list of allowed substances in organic!

Use our updated Buyer’s Guide to Avoiding Carrageenan in Organic Food.


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