Chicken_barnImage courtesy of Common Good Farm (Raymond, Nebraska), a top-five egg producer on Cornucopia’s Organic Egg Scorecard

The National Organic Program’s Organic Integrity Database currently lists nearly 1,000 certified egg operations. We need your help identifying them, and getting more authentic organic brands on the shelves of your local co-op, natural grocery store, or other retail outlet. As organic egg sales continue to rise, making up 8% of US egg sales in 2019, The Cornucopia Institute aims to leverage this appetite to make an impact on the marketplace.

The next time you go to your co-op, grocery store, or other retail outlet where organic food is sold, head over to the egg case, scan the (hopefully burgeoning) options for certified organic eggs, and take some notes.

Then fill out this form. Your input will help inform our Organic Egg Scorecard, one of the most popular scorecards on Cornucopia’s website.

Inspired to encourage your local retailer to change brands? Send us an email at [email protected] and let us know what happened.

And remember to support your local, member-owned co-op. Many co-ops—including Open Harvest Co-op Grocery (Lincoln, Nebraska), which carries Common Good Farm eggs—support the authentic organic brands on our scorecards.

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