Deepening our watchdog work with boots on the ground

Take note, organic rulebreakers: Anne Ross is returning to Cornucopia. A distinguished attorney with a track record of uncovering the truth, Ross is stepping confidently into the new role of Organic Investigator.

Cornucopia’s former director of international policy, Ross gained esteem in the organic community for her ambitious investigation into fraudulent organic imports. Her work informed major policy changes within the USDA National Organic Program, leading to stricter enforcement and initiatives to trace the integrity of organic goods in the marketplace.

With Ross’ new role, Cornucopia will crisscross the US to bring you the story about what’s really happening in organic. “We know you don’t have time to do hours upon hours of research. That’s where we can come in and assist,” she says.

Embedded in the field, Ross will document evidence of potential fraud on factory organic operations, while also building formative relationships with farmers undercut by these operations.

Cornucopia’s supporters get a front-row seat. Expect video, images, and travelogues as Ross launches her investigations and grassroots coalition building. New alliances with authentic organic farmers, co-ops, and independent retailers will help you become a better organic advocate. We hope Anne’s reports will inspire you to share with people in your community what you’re learning about organic food and why some producers’ practices are better than others.

As a Cornucopia supporter, you helped dream this into being. Thank you for trusting us to represent your voice — on the ground at government meetings, at key industry events, and to farmers in the field.

With your help, we can continue to cultivate needed hope, highlight the many bright spots in organic farming, and connect you to the farmers and food system changemakers who embody a commitment to the soil, our communities, and our health.

Read about Anne’s past work with Cornucopia exposing organic grain fraud.

We want to hear from you! If you have a tip for Anne, send an email to [email protected].

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