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VIROQUA, Wis., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

The Cornucopia Institute, a nonprofit watchdog for the organic label, is helping people find better beef. More than 13,000 eaters have used its Organic Beef Scorecard to take a step away from an industrial model reliant on synthetic fertilizers.

Ranking more than 175 brands, the Organic Beef Scorecard identifies some of the highest quality brands available in the marketplace, along with questionable organic brands posing as cleaner alternatives.

The Organic Beef Scorecard flips the narrative that beef is simply bad, and the only ethical alternative is a burger with an “impossible” mission. It’s a welcome tool for eaters rethinking their food choices by incrementally shifting their purchases toward brands and producers focused on land stewardship and local economies.

Prioritizing quality over quantity, eaters can find the highest value in top-rated brands (scored with 5 or 4 “steaks”), from regional brands like Engelbert Farms in Nichols, New York, and Wheatfield Hill Organics in West-Central Wisconsin, to national brands like Panorama Organic and Thousand Hills.

Unlike the conventional brands that are increasingly asking for more money from shoppers, these farms produce beef that deserves a high price point. They invest in resilient systems (think habitats for pollinators and subterranean relationships that cycle water) and produce beef that offers a wide-range of advantages, from the health of our families to the resilience of our communities. And they do it all with the gamble that eaters will support these practices with their wallets.

The industrialization of beef relies on inhumane animal care, environmental abuses, and misleading marketing tactics. The scope of harm is daunting. Yet it underscores the importance of protecting and supporting the choices we can feel good about. Shopping with Cornucopia’s Organic Beef Scorecard diverts money from factory farms to producers worthy of our support.

So celebrate grilling season. But leave the factory farm meat on the shelf and invest in our collective health and the future of the planet.

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