Cornucopia staff and board members are grateful for the outpouring of kind and encouraging words from our supporters during this time of transition.

We and our members remain dedicated to the important work before us as watchdogs of the organic industry.

Our energized staff members have co-authored a list of updated core values to guide us as we move forward in our work and our search for an executive director.

I am proud to share it with you, below.


Devin Mathias
Interim Executive Director

Updated Core Values of The Cornucopia Institute

  • Integrity is the root of the organic community and is essential to the work we provide to our constituency. The Cornucopia Institute aims for full transparency in its efforts.

  • The Cornucopia Institute continues to be a watchdog within the organic industry, working to protect the character of the organic standards while auditing the integrity of products bearing the organic seal.
  • The Cornucopia Institute researches, issues, and promotes findings, based in science, that are fundamental to maintaining the integrity of organic labeling, production, processing, and marketing.
  • The Cornucopia Institute will be a vocal, visible catalyst for interaction between consumers and producers within the good food movement.
  • The Cornucopia Institute works to identify and capitalize on opportunities to partner with likeminded organizations and individuals. We are a collaborative and unifying force within the authentic organic industry.
  • The Cornucopia Institute is committed to treating others, including its dedicated champions, volunteers, and staff, with the utmost respect.


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