Will Fantle and Mark Kastel

A big thank you from the staff and leadership at The Cornucopia Institute for the outpouring of support (dollars, comments, and notes) during December. Your confidence in our work really means a lot to us!

We are happy to report that we were able to completely utilize the $50,000 matching grant contributed, for the second year in a row, by a family foundation that had requested anonymity.

There are still checks coming in through the mail, postmarked prior to the end of the year, so we don’t have a final accounting for 2017 yet. We again expect that we will end 2017 in the black, as we have always done during our 14-year history. We now move into 2018 with adequate funding to maintain our expert staff and an ambitious array of projects that we hope will benefit our broad-based constituency and society as a whole.

We couldn’t do this work without your partnership, both our farmer-members and their urban allies.

Thank you for trusting us with something as important as helping protect the authenticity of our food supply, the hard-working families who produce it, and marketplace options, so we can all proactively steward the earth through our purchasing decisions.

Mark Kastel and Will Fantle,

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