Hello Cornucopia friends and supporters,

Kastel Farm

There’s a lot of buzz in the nonprofit community about what kind of impact the newly passed tax legislation will have on charitable giving. For some middle income filers, who normally itemize, contributions to charity won’t be deductible in the future.

There are some financial advisors who are recommending, for those in a financial position to do so, contributing more than one year of donations to your favorite charities before midnight on Sunday.

As you prioritize your giving, we hope that you will include The Cornucopia Institute, and its mission of protecting the safety and integrity of our food supply, as worthy of your support.

If you have questions about the tax implications of doubling or tripling your giving before the end of the year, we would encourage you to speak to your accountant or financial planner.

If you have any questions regarding the scope of our work, financial structure, or any other aspect of Cornucopia, please do not hesitate to contact us, even over this weekend.

For everyone who has already contributed this year, we want to really thank you for your continued confidence in our work.

Best regards,

Mark Kastel
The Cornucopia Institute

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