Sugar Maples, a Proverbial Canary in the Changing Climate

September 21st, 2017

Cornucopia’s Take: As our climate changes, many species are disappearing from their native habitat, and sugar maples are one that is in danger. Sap farmers are tapping other trees for syrup now, including the more hardy red maple. Many people are planning adaptations to the changing climate, and more study and discussion on the subject is needed.

Saving Sap
by Real Food Media

Saving Sap | 2016 Real Food Films Winner from Real Food Media on Vimeo.

A story of how climate change touches food, Saving Sap tells the tale of maple syrup tapping in New England and efforts to adapt to a warming world.

2016 Real Food Films Winner: Best Underreported Issue // Watch all the films at

Directed by: Ian Maclellan
Written by: Elodie Reed
Additional Footage by: Dylan Ladds
Special thanks to: Emma Scudder, Hadley Green and Bill Cotter


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