Millennials Want Fresh, Healthy, Easy-to-Prepare Food

December 6th, 2016

Cornucopia’s Take: Millennials have an enormous amount of information available to them via the internet. That, coupled with their interests in health and sustainability, has made them a market force for healthy food choices.

Big food faces annihilation unless it moves with millennials on health
The Guardian
by Alison Moodie

Source: European Parliament

The food industry in the US and around the world is scrambling to adapt to a younger generation’s appetite for fresher, healthier foods

college student in the 1980s may have been content living off instant noodles for dinner. Nowadays, a twentysomething is as likely to pick up a piece of wild salmon with quinoa and a fresh rocket salad from their local grocery store on any given night.

It’s a shift that’s having ripple effects throughout the food industry as manufacturers and retailers scramble to adapt to a younger generation’s appetite for fresher, healthier foods.

But their efforts aren’t creating a more sustainable industry as healthy convenience meals are often just as heavily packaged as processed products.

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