Cornucopia’s Take: Companies eager to sell their products take notice when they receive a lot of complaints on their ingredients, and consumer pressure frequently works far faster than the regulatory system at cleaning up the food industry. Cornucopia recommends you vote with your forks—and also contact companies to let them know your objections.

Food companies are phasing out artificial dyes, but not fast enough for some
Chicago Tribune
by Greg Trotter

Source: Luciane Lazzaris

Tasting the rainbow, as the Skittles slogan goes, soon will no longer involve ingesting fistfuls of Yellow 5, Blue 1 and Red 40.

And Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, ubiquitous in so many American childhoods, recently vanquished its use of synthetically produced colors, quietly, so as to not alarm its faithful customers.

The giant food and beverage corporations that have for decades manufactured vibrantly hued products for children and adults alike are phasing out fake colors, though not fast enough for some food advocates.

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