Cornucopia’s Take: Industrial organic dairies harm authentic organic dairies by employing perceived loopholes in the organic law for cheaper production costs, driving prices down in the marketplace.

Understanding the Whole Cost of Cheap Milk
Epoch Times
by Andrea Hayley

Aurora Coldwater “organic” dairy
in Stratford, TX

Industrial farming is highly efficient, but is it sustainable?

It’s a ‘get big or get out’ economy for dairy farmers in America. It is a trend that gives pause as to what our landscapes are becoming, what is happening to the integrity of our dairy supply, and what will become of the sustainable family farm, which has been around since our country was founded.

Due to low prices, farmers have been forced to abandon their diary farms in droves over the last 20 years as the prevailing economics of the industry have become unsustainable for all but the largest farms. Nationwide, the number of dairy farms has declined by 60 percent, even as total milk production has increased by a third, according to the USDA.

Recent data shows that every day that goes by we loose almost two dairy farms in Wisconsin, and one a week in California, according to Hoard’s Dairyman, a dairy trade publication.

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