by Marie Burcham, Farm & Food Policy Analyst at The Cornucopia Institute

Certified “organic” dairy farm in Texas

We need your help to differentiate the true heroes in organic dairy (family farmers who love their cows) from the giant factory farms producing “organic” milk.

We are beginning the process of a comprehensive update of Cornucopia’s organic dairy brand scorecard. Our goal is to ensure we score every organic dairy brand in the United States. This will provide you, as a consumer, the most up-to-date information on the status of our nation’s organic dairy brands.

How can you help? Go to your favorite groceries or farm stores and look for organic dairy products – and make a list of what you see there. Cornucopia has already identified many of the national brands, but we want to know what is available in your local market.

We are interested in scoring all brands, not just those producing fluid milk products – so look for organic yogurt, butter, and cheese as well! At a minimum, we need the name of any organic dairy brands, but any contact information on the brand packaging would also be helpful.

Please note, we are only rating certified organic brands so please look for the USDA organic seal or the word “organic” on the packaging.

Please contact Jason Cole at [email protected] or 608-637-8278 with any questions and/or the names of any brands you see on your local grocery store shelves.

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