Fund-a-Farmer Project

FundaFarmer2015FACT is now accepting applications from livestock and poultry farmers for our Fund-a-Farmer grants. The Fund-a-Farmer Project provides grants to qualifying humane farmers who need assistance in improving the welfare of their farm animals.

Grants of up to $2,500 will be awarded for projects that help farms transition to and/or improve pasture-based systemsLearn more about pasture-focused projects and see funded project examples. They are looking to fund working, independent family farmers that raise pigs, broiler chickens, laying hens, dairy cows, turkeys and/or beef cattle. Other species not on this list are not eligible for consideration at this time. Applications will only be accepted from farms already considered highly welfare-oriented as determined by holding or working toward a humane certification for their livestock or poultry. These certifications are:

  1. AGA Certified Grassfed
  2. Certified Humane
  3. USDA Certified Organic
  4. Animal Welfare Approved
  5. Certified Naturally Grown
  6. Global Animal Partnership Levels 4- 5+

To learn more about this year’s new requirement regarding humane certification, please read this blog post on The Role of Certifications in FACT’s Fund-a-Farmer Grants.

Applications must be submitted online by November 3, 2015 for grants awarded in March 2016. View eligibility criteria & guidelines and apply online via the Fund-a-Farmer Project website. Start your application now! Online applications are strongly encouraged.

Interested in learning more about Fund-a-Farmer grants? They are offering two free online information sessions this fall, which will include a presentation by Humane Farming Program Director Lisa Isenhart about how to apply as well as time for a Q&A. Please register online for either the September 29th info session or the October 21st info session.

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