On May 23rd, 2015 Maui was honored to have Neil Young and The Promise of The Real give an impromptu jam session with their new song “Monsanto Years” to about 100 people. The Maui Event “OUTGROW Monsanto” was in solidarity with The March Against Monsanto Globally. This was our way of showing the solution by having the community come out and plant. Notice the guy planting in the background while Neil is singing. We are dedicated.

Neil along with Daryl Hannah, Lukas & Micah Nelson (hometown boys & Willie Nelson’s sons) helped plant with us. We can’t thank them enough for coming to Maui on this Historic Day of the Global March Against Monsanto.

Maui is Ground Zero, the testing ground for the chemical spraying of their seeds. They spray here more than anywhere else. 23,000 citizens of Maui voted Yes for an Initiative that would have stopped them from spraying until it was tested here to see if there were harmful affects on the environment. Our turtles have tumors and we do not know what the spraying is doing to the air we breathe. The run off of these chemicals goes into our oceans and they are poisoning our lands. We are fighting for our lives here and trying to save Paradise for future generations and for visitors who Love Maui.

We won the initiative, but Monsanto has sued us to stop it. We want the World to know what they are doing to Maui and The Hawaiian Islands. We need your help. Please write/call our elected officials. We cannot stand by and let them poison paradise. For more info. please go to

Enjoy the jam session!!

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