Become a Cornucopia Intelligence Agent: Separate the Factory Farm “Organic” Egg Brands from the Real McCoy

The Cornucopia Institute is about to update its organic egg scorecard. You can help “out” the brands that are confining up to 100,000 birds in a building, without legitimate outdoor access. At the same time you can help tell the stories of and reward the true organic heroes.


Help Cornucopia find organic egg brands to include in our egg scorecard.  Look for certified organic brands in the grocery store or food co-op you shop at! If you buy your eggs from farmstands, farmers markets, or a CSA, you can also tell us about those egg brands as well (certified organic only, please).

Enter the contest with as many brands as you can find in your local market.  You can enter the contest by visiting this webpage. We will enter your name in a raffle to win $100 of organic groceries at a co-op or independent grocer near you!

Enter the contest here

Each brand submitted adds an extra chance of winning the contest and helps Cornucopia let you and others know which brands are the very best examples of organic farming.

The Cornucopia Institute will never share or sell your name or personal information with anyone outside of our organization. All answers will be held in strict confidence.

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