good food - safe foodJust as thousands of farmers and consumers urged the FDA to change its draft proposals concerning the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act, members of Congress chimed in as well.

The Organic Caucus in the House of Representatives sent this letter concerning the proposals for handling of manure and compost.  The FDA’s proposed Rule conflicts with the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) standards as relating to soil fertility (and crop rotation).

The Organic Caucus members, in their letter, urged the “FDA to align its standards for biological soil amendments with USDA organic regulations and not exceed the current application intervals for untreated manure or compost absent scientific consensus that current USDA NOP standards jeopardize public health.”

Senator’s John Tester (D-MT) and Kay Hagen (D-NC) sent the FDA this letter concerning the burdensome nature of the proposed regulations on small family farmers and processors.  The Senators also expressed concern about the impact of the rule on agricultural water standards and testing requirements.  The requirements, they wrote, “are unworkable and unaffordable for small farms.”

You can also view Cornucopia’s formal comments to the FDA here.

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