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FDA Food Safety Comment Closes Today, Nov. 22

Your Electronic Voice Can Help Save the Family Farms
Producing Our Nation’s Best Food

You can make a difference!  It’s the last hour.  If you have yet to do so, you have until 11:59 PM Eastern Time today, November 22 to comment directly on the FDA’s food safety web page to help save our nation’s organic/local produce farmers from potential ruin!

There are two open dockets (farm production and processing).  Please submit your electronic comments to the FDA in these federal government webpages to the Produce Rule and to the Preventive Controls Rule (this is important because these issues affect both rules).  Then click on the “Comment Now” button on the upper right side of the regulations.gov web page.


(You can also mail written comments, postmarked today, if you so choose.)

The FDA’s proposed food safety rules threaten to ensnare many of the country’s safest farmers in a tangle of expensive, misdirected regulations that may force many of our best farmers out of business. For help with talking points and full background information, click here.

Even if you sent in a signed proxy letter to Cornucopia for us to hand deliver to the FDA, you can add more comments on the FDA’s food safety web page.  You can cut and paste the talking points but just a few personal lines, or a paragraph or two, will add a lot of weight in making your input “original.”

Better food safety oversight of factory farms and giant agribusinesses is needed — and appropriate — but it appears that the FDA and corporate lobbyists are using these food safety proposals to simultaneously crush the organic and local farming movements.  Together we can defend those farmers producing local, fresh, safe and nutritionally superior food.

We know you enjoy the bounty of nutritious, healthful food produced by our nation’s best farmers.  Please help protect family-scale farmers and maintain this alternative in the marketplace.

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