Public comments on the FDA’s proposed approval of genetically engineered (GE) salmon close on Friday, April 26. If you have yet to comment on this highly controversial issue, please send in your thoughts to the FDA.

salmon-300x125GE salmon have been altered to produce growth hormones at all times, allowing the fish to grow faster and bigger than natural salmon. The FDA has not conducted any safety testing, and merely assumes that the genetically engineered salmon is safe to eat.

The FDA has also not considered the potential ecological and economic impacts of approving genetically engineered salmon. Salmon are an integral part of the ecosystem, and the accidental escape of genetically engineered salmon could devastate populations of native salmon, as well as the fish and marine mammals that depend on salmon for their food. Scientists have predicted that escaped GE salmon would likely wipe out wild salmon populations, which will destroy the livelihood of coastal communities that depend on fishing.

Go to our GE Salmon action alert for instructions on how to comment and a sample letter. Please note that the government comment site may time out or freeze up. If you get an error message, the form will not submit; or you are re-routed to another page, please just try again.

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