Beyond “Consumer”: A Cornucopia Contest

April 17th, 2013
Wheatfield Hill Organics at market

Wheatfield Hill Organics at market

The word “consumer” sounds so yesterday, doesn’t it? Even worse, it sounds like participating in the good food movement is on a par with buying a flatscreen TV. Some of our friends use “eater” as an alternative, but that has an odd ring to it to our ears. Cornucopia often speaks of our farmer-members and their “urban allies” — but not all non-farmer organic/local food customers live in cities.

What do you call the folks who stand with farmers and choose organic, local, healthy foods? How do you describe yourself or, if you farm, your customers?

We put the question to our enewsletter subscribers.  Of their 100+ suggestions – some serious, some clever, some downright silly – the finalists are below.

  1. agri-allies
  2. alternivores
  3. conscious eaters
  4. earth allies
  5. eco-foodists
  6. ecophiles
  7. far-sighted food foragers
  8. food champions
  9. food citizens
  10. food fighters
  11. foodies
  12. freshies
  13. good food enthusiasts
  14. healthsteaders
  15. humaneitarians
  16. Monsantophobes
  17. organitarians
  18. organivores
  19. real food advocates
  20. sustainability seekers

What’s your favorite term on this list? Post it on Facebook or email it to [email protected].

The entrant(s) whose term gets the most votes will win a credit toward selected ACRES USA books, videos, or toward a magazine subscription. ACRES is the premier publisher of organic/sustainable ag titles and also North America’s oldest, largest magazine on those issues. 


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