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By Aisha Tyler

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) – Instead of playing with friends or video games, 8-year-old CJ has spent most of his summer working on the family farm.

“I have been working on the farm for three years,” CJ said.

For three generations, Joseph Fields Farm on Johns Island has been providing fresh produce to the area.

“I love doing the farming and people want to buy local fresh produce from Johns Island,”said Fields.

Only a few years ago, Fields decided to go back to doing things the old fashioned way on his farm leaving out the pesticides and going the “organic route.”

“I’m one of only a few certified organic farmers in the area,” Fields said.

From carrots, tomatoes, antelopes, muscadines, green beans, lettuce and okra, Fields has a bounty of organic produce growing all over the 60 acre farm.

“It’s fresh and it’s important to get it local and we need fresh vegetables today,”said Anna White.

White lives on the farm along with other siblings and has been working on the farm since she was 12.

“Some children today they don’t want to do the farming and our generation we want them to continue to do the family business,” White said.

Local residents, restaurants and stores by Fields produce on a daily basis. Being a part of the family farm is already close to little CJ’s heart.

“I want to be a farmer cause I can grow stuff and get money from the market,” CJ said.

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