Organic Spies — Lifting the Veil on Corporate Agribusiness in Organics

July 15th, 2011

The three videos from Organic Spies cast a spotlight on disturbing and unseemly developments in the organic food industry.  In particular, they examine how corporate power is corrupting the integrity of organic food and agriculture.  Knowledge is power, and the more we know and understand these trends, the better we will all be able to defend the wholesome bounty of the good food movement.

We don’t know who the Organic Spies are but we are impressed with the work they are doing to expose organic corruption and conflicts of interest.   You can view the three videos on the Organic Spies YouTube Channel.

The focus of their research, thus far, has been on the Organic Trade Association, an organization that started out as an organic community umbrella group and has morphed into just another corporate lobby/trade organization.

And they look closely at 12 billion-dollar dairy giant Dean Foods and their disingenuous takeover of the Horizon and Silk label.

The Cornucopia Institute has tracked Dean Foods, and its WhiteWave division, along with Horizon and Silk very closely.  You can view our Dean Foods timeline, an Organic Trail of Tears, by clicking here.


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