Rest in Peace Vander Eyk Organic Dairy
Amanda G. Rose, Ph.D.

I live in the dairy capital of the world, Tulare County, California. I have become obsessed with all things dairy as you can see from my Milk Shenanigans posts.

In my obsession, I have spent many hours this spring taking photos and video footage of an organic dairy so mammoth that it is mind boggling. Even though I see dairies around here all the time and though I was a member of the Future Farmers of America in my youth, I was still shocked by this particular dairy. The shock fed my obsession.

The Vander Eyk Dairy is not the only 10,000 cow dairy in the area, but it is the only one that sold part of its milk as “organic.”

Organic standards require lactating cows to have access to pasture unless the ground is frosty. The Vander Eyk cows apparently got trucked to 10,000 acres of pasture land “near Ducor” for their grass fix. I happened upon that reference in an old local newspaper and it was that phrase that began my obsession.

My husband and I burned the midnight oil and present to you a video. In this video you will see exclusive footage of the dairy and of the pastured portion of the herd.

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