Genetically Engineered Alfalfa Threatens Organics

July 10th, 2006

Alfalfa is a prime forage crop for organic livestock farmers. It’s drought resistant, has a high nutritional value, and grows well in areas of the U.S. where dairy and beef livestock are important. Alfalfa is the third most valuable and fourth most widely grown crop in the U.S. A perennial plant, alfalfa spreads its pollen (with the help of bees) for miles.

The Cornucopia Institute has joined a coalition of farmers, farm groups, consumers and environmentalists in a lawsuit challenging the USDA’s approval of Monsanto’s genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa.

Monsanto’s GE alfalfa poses a potential contamination disaster for organic farmers and consumers who believe that GE crops have no place in our food supply. Readers interested in more details about GE alfalfa, can find an online guide here that explains the issue in greater detail.

Additional background on the lawsuit and updates as it proceeds through the courts can be found here.


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