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Action Alert: Origin of Livestock Rulemaking Re-Opened for Comment

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Comment by December 2

Under pressure from organic dairy farmers, farmer and consumer groups, and Congress, the National Organic Program (NOP) recently re-opened the comment period for the 2015 proposed rule on Origin of Livestock.

Despite overwhelming support in 2015 for closing this loophole via the proposed Origin of Livestock Rule, the USDA has yet to publish a final rule. As it languishes, authentic organic dairy farmers are being undercut in the marketplace by factory farms whose certifiers interpret unclear regulations to their economic advantage. As a result, many authentic organic dairies have closed their doors. Most organic consumers are unaware of the bait and switch.

Your public comments matter. Let the NOP know that they must issue a final rule immediately to prevent the continuous conversion of conventional dairy animals into organic herds. Read more about the origin of livestock issue.

Read the proposed rule and submit your comments
(Docket No. AMS-NOP-11-0009)
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