Snack Bar Scorecard

Updated January, 2019
Brand NameRatingCertified OrganicScore
5-Bar Rating | Top-RatedUSDA Certified Organic, whole organic ingredients, no hexane extracted ingredients. No preservatives except for Organic Rosemary.
Simple SquaresYes1550
Bearded Brothers Energy BarsYes1550
Raw Crunch Blueberry LemonYes1550
Lara Bar Organic with SuperfoodsYes1511
4-Bar Rating | ExcellentUSDA Certified Organic, may have syrups, flours or protein isolates, but those ingredients are certified organic. If preservatives or gums are present, they are either certified organic or approved for use in organic products.
Phyter Cranberry + StrawberryYes1450
Cascadian Farm Protein Granola BarsYes1400
Cascadian Farm Crunchy Granola BarYes1400
Bumble BarYes1400
Pure Organic Fruit and NutYes1400
Cascadian Farm Soft Baked SquaresYes1400
Made Good Chocolate ChipYes1400
Organic Food Bar Protein BarsYes1400
Perfect Peanut ButterYes1400
Evo HempYes1400
Raw RevYes1390
Cascadian Farm Chewy Granola BarYes1390
Soul Sprout Cacao Nib CrunchYes1390
Nutiva O'Coconut ClassicYes1390
Rise Organic Energy BarsYes1363
Organic Food BarYes1350
Organic Food Bar Active GreensYes1350
Pure Organic Ancient Grain and NutYes1350
Whole Earth and Sea Vegan Protein BarYes1350
Nature's Path EnviroKidz Granola BarsYes1340
22 Days Organic Protein BarYes1340
Annie's Chewy Granola BarsYes1330
Garden of Life Organic Super SeedYes1325
Nature's Path SuperfoodYes1320
18 Rabbits Organic Granola BarsYes1320
18 Rabbits Jr Organic Granola BarsYes1320
Nature's Path Love CrunchYes1310
Dr. Mercola's Pure Power Protein BarYes1303
Luna RicaYes1281
Zego BarsYes1277
22 Days Organic Plant Power Protein BarYes1240
Nature's Path EnviroKidz Crispy Rice BarsYes1230
Nature's Path Granola Bars (all varieties)Yes1230
Nature's Bakery Organic Brownie BarsYes1203
Clif Kid ZbarYes1201
Clif Kid Zbar Fruit and VeggieYes1201
Betty Lou's Angell BarsYes1183
Betty Lou's Just Great Stuff BarsYes1183
Clif Kid Zbar FilledYes1181
Nature's Bakery Organic Honey and Oat BarYes1123
NuGo Organic BarsYes1088
Clif Nut Butter FilledYes1081
Orgain Protein Bar Chocolate ChipYes1020
Dr. Mercola's Mitomix BarSome ingredients1003
3-Bar Rating | GoodMay have a mix of organic and conventional ingredients, but the product is not certified organic. Some ingredients may be isolated syrups, flours, or protein isolates. Conventional protein isolates and soy lecithin may be present(made from GMO soybeans extracted with hexane).
Lara Bar OriginalNo934
Lara Bar Fruits and GreensNo934
Thunderbird Bar Fruit and NutNo920
Thunderbird Bar ThunderkidsNo920
Lara Bar Nut and SeedNo854
Rise Breakfast BarsNo853
Clif Kid Zbar ProteinSome Ingredients851
Clif Crunch Granola BarNo841
RXBAR Kids Protein BarNo840
Health Warrior Pumpkin Seed BarNo840
Init Nut and Fruit BarsSome Ingredients740
RXBAR Protein BarNo740
Beautiful Day Beautiful Granola BarsNo740
2-Bar Rating | FairMay have a mix or organic and conventional ingredients, but the product is not certified organic. Many ingredients are isolated syrups, flours, or protein isolates. Conventional protein isolates and soy lecithin may be present(made from GMO soybeans extracted with hexane).
Clif Bar Energy BarSome Ingredients661
Kashi Chewy Nut Butter BarsNo640
Rise Protein Bars ("The Simplest")No633
Rachel Paul's Happy BarsNo620
Clif Mojo Trail Mix BarSome Ingredients611
Annie's Gluten Free Granola BarsNo600
Luna 5 Gram SugarSome Ingredients581
Luna Whole Nutrition BarSome Ingredients561
Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut BarsNo540
Vega Vega One BarNo540
Goodness Knows Snack SquaresNo540
Nature's Bakery Fig BarNo540
Health Warrior Chia BarNo540
Nature Valley Granola BarsNo520
thinkThin Protein Nut BarsNo520
Oatmega Grass Fed Whey Protein BarNo520
Betty Lou's PB&J BarsNo473
Betty Lou's Nuts about Energy BallsNo473
Bobo's Oat BarsNo460
Bobo's Nut Butter Stuff'd BarsNo460
Kind Nut BarsNo460
Kashi Chewy Granola BarsNo440
Kind Breakfast BarsNo440
Bakery on Main 4.4.8 Granola BarsNo440
Kind Healthy Grains BarsNo440
Nature Valley Fruit and Nut BarNo440
thinkThin Protein and Fiber BarsNo440
Health Warrior Superfood Protein BarNo440
Kashi Savory BarsNo440
Kind Sweet and Spicy BarsNo440
Nature Valley Nut BarsNo420
Kashi Layered Granola BarsNo420
Clif Whey Protein BarNo381
Betty Lou's Protein Plus Energy BallsNo373
Clif Builder's Protein BarNo361
thinkThin Protein and Superfruit BarsNo360
Zing Bars Soft CookieNo360
Kashi Cereal BarsNo360
thinkThin High Protein BarsNo360
Kashi GOLEAN Plant-Powered BarsNo360
Zing Bars Dark Chocolate CoveredNo360
Kashi Crunchy Granola BarsNo340
Life Choice Simply Nutrition BarsNo340
Redd Superfood Energy BarNo340
Nature Valley Protein BarsNo320
1-Bar Rating | Pure Junk FoodMass market bars, have conventional syrups, flours, gums, sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives. May have additives with known health concerns such as carrageenan, hydrogenated oils and BHT. Conventional protein isolates and soy lecithin are made from GMO soybeans and extracted with hexane.
Luna Protein BarNo261
Zing Bars Nut Butter and FruitNo260
Special K Nourish BarsNo220
Nutri Grain Soft Baked Cereal BarsNo120
Special K Protein Meal and Snack BarsNo100
Fiber One Protein BarsNo0