BrandsRatingParent CompanyScore
5-Spoon RatingTop rated yogurts, made with high quality milk typically from family-scale farms. Few additives, if any, included.
Hawthorne Valley, Whole Maple VanillaHawthorne Valley Farm1100
Seven Stars, Whole VanillaSeven Stars Farm1100
Hawthorne Valley, Whole PlainHawthorne Valley Farm1100
Alexandre Family Farm, Grassfed PlainAlexandre Family Farm1100
Butterworks, Lowfat Maple KefirButterworks Farm1100
Seven Stars, Whole LemonSeven Stars Farm1100
Butterworks, Nonfat VanillaButterworks Farm1100
Butterworks, Lowfat Plain Kingdom KefirButterworks Farm1100
SpringWood, Whole PlainSpringwood Farm1100
Butterworks, Nonfat PlainButterworks Farm1100
Seven Stars, Whole MapleSeven Stars Farm1100
Seven Stars, Lowfat MapleSeven Stars Farm1100
Berle Farm, Whole PlainBerle Farm1100
Seven Stars, Lowfat PlainSeven Stars Farm1100
Butterworks, Whole PlainButterworks Farm1100
Alexandre Family Farm, VanillaAlexandre Family Farm1100
Seven Stars, Whole PlainSeven Stars Farm1100
Alexandre Family Farm, PlainAlexandre Family Farm1100
Norr, Whole PlainNorr1100
Norr, Whole Vanilla & ChamomileNorr1100
Norr, Nonfat PlainNorr1100
Norr, Whole Black Current & Blood OrangeNorr1100
Radiance Dairy, Whole, PlainRadiance Dairy1100
Butterworks, Whole MapleButterworks Farm1100
Norr, Nonfat Elderflower & LemonNorr1050
Norr, Whole Raspberry & RosewaterNorr1050
Norr, Nonfat Blueberry & LavenderNorr1050
Norr, Nonfat Strawberry & RhubarbNorr1050
Maple Hill, Whole Vanilla KefirMaple Hill Creamery1000
Butterworks, Whole LemonButterworks Farm1000
Maple Hill Creamery, Greek PlainMaple Hill Creamery1000
Butterworks, Lowfat Orange Sunshine KefirButterworks Farm1000
Maple Hill Creamery, Whole Cream-top VanillaMaple Hill Creamery1000
Clover Sonoma, Whole Greek PlainClover Sonoma1000
Kalona Supernatural, Lowfat PlainKalona Organics1000
Saint Benoit, Whole French VanillaSaint Benoit Creamery1000
Kalona Supernatural, Greek PlainKalona Organics1000
Maple Hill Creamery, Whole Cream-top PlainMaple Hill Creamery1000
Clover Sonoma, Whole Greek HoneyClover Sonoma1000
Maple Hill, Whole Strawberry KefirMaple Hill Creamery1000
Clover Sonoma, Nonfat Greek PlainClover Sonoma1000
Stonyfield, Grassfed Greek PlainLactilis American Group1000
White Mountain, Nonfat PlainWhite Mountain1000
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat Plain KefirClover Sonoma1000
Saint Benoit, Whole PlainSaint Benoit Creamery1000
Saint Benoit, Whole HoneySaint Benoit Creamery1000
Maple Hill, Whole Plain KefirMaple Hill Creamery1000
Stonyfield, Greek Whole PlainLactilis American Group1000
White Mountain, Whole PlainWhite Mountain1000
Trimona, Whole PlainTrimona1000
Stonyfield, Greek Nonfat VanillaLactilis American Group1000
Kalona Supernatural, Whole Vanilla KefirKalona Organics1000
Kalona Supernatural, Whole PlainKalona Organics1000
Nancy's, Whole Greek HoneyNancy's 970
Nancy's, Lowfat PlainNancy's 970
Nancy's, Grassfed Whole Ginger-PeachNancy's 970
Nancy's, Grassfed Whole VanillaNancy's 970
Nancy's, Whole VanillaNancy's 970
Nancy's, Whole PlainNancy's 970
Nancy's, Nonfat PlainNancy's 970
Nancy's, Nonfat Greek PlainNancy's 970
Nancy's, Nonfat Greek HoneyNancy's 970
Nancy's, Nonfat VanillaNancy's 970
Nancy's, Grassfed Whole Blueberry LavenderNancy's 970
Nancy's, Whole Greek PlainNancy's 970
Nancy's, Grassfed Whole PlainNancy's 970
Green Valley Creamery, Whole plainGreen Valley Creamery950
Kalona Supernatural, Whole Plain KefirKalona Organics950
Green Valley Creamery, Lowfat Plain KefirGreen Valley Creamery950
Green Valley Creamery, Whole Plain KefirGreen Valley Creamery950
Lifeway Skyr, NaturalLifeway Foods939
Lifeway, Kefir Cup, Lowfat HoneyLifeway Foods939
Lifeway, Whole Plain KefirLifeway Foods939
Lifeway, Kefir Cup, Lowfat NaturalLifeway Foods939
Lifeway Skyr, HoneyLifeway Foods939
Straus Family Creamery, Nonfat Greek PlainStraus Family Creamery900
Saint Benoit, Whole Meyer LemonSaint Benoit Creamery900
Straus Family Creamery, Whole MapleStraus Family Creamery900
Stonyfield, Whole PlainLactilis American Group900
Straus Family Creamery, Nonfat VanillaStraus Family Creamery900
Clover Sonoma, Whole PlainClover Sonoma900
Stonyfield, Lowfat VanillaLactilis American Group900
Liberte, Whole CoffeeGeneral Mills900
Straus Family Creamery, Whole Greek PlainStraus Family Creamery900
Bellweather, Whole, PlainBellweather Farms900
Bellweather, Whole, StrawberryBellweather Farms900
Bellweather, Whole, BlackberryBellweather Farms900
Straus Family Creamery, Whole PlainStraus Family Creamery900
Straus Family Creamery, Whole VanillaStraus Family Creamery900
Stonyfield, Nonfat VanillaLactilis American Group900
Stonyfield, Lowfat PlainLactilis American Group900
Straus Family Creamery, Nonfat PlainStraus Family Creamery900
Straus Family Creamery, Lowfat Greek PlainStraus Family Creamery900
Straus Family Creamery, Whole Greek VanillaStraus Family Creamery900
Stonyfield, Grassfed Greek VanillaLactilis American Group900
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat PlainClover Sonoma900
Straus Family Creamery, Whole Blueberry PomegranateStraus Family Creamery900
Stonyfield, Nonfat PlainLactilis American Group900
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat VanillaClover Sonoma900
Clover Sonoma, Whole MapleClover Sonoma900
Straus Family Creamery, Lowfat PlainStraus Family Creamery900
Bellweather, Whole, VanillaBellweather Farms900
Kalona Supernatural, Lowfat VanillaKalona Organics900
Maple Hill Creamery, Greek VanillaMaple Hill Creamery900
Clover Sonoma, Whole VanillaClover Sonoma900
4-Spoon RatingHigher rated yogurts, usually made from high quality milk produced on family-scale farms.
Nancy's, Whole Mixed BerryNancy's 870
Green Valley Creamery, Lowfat PlainGreen Valley Creamery850
Green Valley Creamery, Lowfat VanillaGreen Valley Creamery850
Lifeway, Lowfat Blueberry KefirLifeway Foods839
Lifeway, Whole Lemon KefirLifeway Foods839
Lifeway, Lowfat Green Tea Matcha KefirLifeway Foods839
Lifeway, Whole Georgia Peach KefirLifeway Foods839
Lifeway, Whole Mixed Berry KefirLifeway Foods839
Lifeway, Lowfat Raspberry KefirLifeway Foods839
Lifeway, Whole Cocunut KefirLifeway Foods839
Lifeway, Lowfat Peach KefirLifeway Foods839
Lifeway, Lowfat Plain KefirLifeway Foods839
Lifeway, Whole Strawberry KefirLifeway Foods839
Lifeway, Lowfat Strawberry KefirLifeway Foods839
Clover Sonoma, Whole PeachClover Sonoma800
Liberte, Whole MangoGeneral Mills800
Stonyfield, Greek Whole VanillaLactilis American Group800
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat LemonClover Sonoma800
Stonyfield, Lowfat RaspberryLactilis American Group800
Stonyfield, Whole StrawberryLactilis American Group800
Wallaby, Greek Lowfat PlainDanone800
Stonyfield, Nonfat ChocolateLactilis American Group800
Stonyfield, Lowfat StrawberryLactilis American Group800
Wallaby, Lowfat Plain KefirDanone800
Stonyfield, Whole VanillaLactilis American Group800
Stonyfield, Lowfat PeachLactilis American Group800
Liberte, Whole VanillaGeneral Mills800
Liberte, Whole Sea Salt CaramelGeneral Mills800
Liberte Whole StrawberryGeneral Mills800
Liberte, Whole CoconutGeneral Mills800
Clover Sonoma, Whole BerryClover Sonoma800
Liberte Whole, LimeGeneral Mills800
Clover Sonoma, Whole BlueberryClover Sonoma800
Stonyfield, Grassfed Greek BlueberryLactilis American Group800
Wallaby, Greek Nonfat PlainDanone800
Liberte, Whole LemonGeneral Mills800
Liberte, Whole CherryGeneral Mills800
Stonyfield, Greek Nonfat PlainLactilis American Group800
Wallaby, Whole PlainDanone800
Stonyfield, Nonfat BlueberryLactilis American Group800
Wallaby, Greek Whole PlainDanone800
Kalona Supernatural, Whole VanillaKalona Organics800
Saint Benoit, Whole StrawberrySaint Benoit Creamery800
Stonyfield, Whole BanillaLactilis American Group800
Nancy's, Whole PeachNancy's 770
Nancy's, Whole Strawberry VanillaNancy's 770
Green Valley Creamery, Lowfat StrawberryGreen Valley Creamery750
Lifeway Skyr, WildberriesLifeway Foods739
Lifeway Skyr, BlueberryLifeway Foods739
Lifeway, Lowfat Pomegranate Acai KefirLifeway Foods739
Lifeway, Kefir Cup, Lowfat BlueberryLifeway Foods739
Lifeway, Kefir Cup, Lowfat StrawberryLifeway Foods739
Clover Sonoma, Whole Greek VanillaClover Sonoma700
Earth's Best, Peach Banana SmoothieHain Celestial700
Clover Sonoma, Whole Greek BlueberryClover Sonoma700
Clover Sonoma, Whole StrawberryClover Sonoma700
Earth's Best, Pear Mango SmoothieHain Celestial700
Clover Sonoma, Whole Greek RaspberryClover Sonoma700
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat StrawberryClover Sonoma700
Earth's Best, Strawberry Banana SmoothieHain Celestial700
Earth's Best, Apple Blueberry SmoothieHain Celestial700
Earth's Best, Mixed Berry SmoothieHain Celestial700
Earth's Best, Pineapple Orange Banana SmoothieHain Celestial700
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat BerryClover Sonoma700
Wallaby, Whole Key LimeDanone700
3-Spoon RatingMiddle tier yogurt that may be made from low rated organic milk and/or include additives.
Green Valley Creamery, Lowfat BlueberryGreen Valley Creamery650
Wallaby, Greek Whole VanillaDanone600
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat PeachClover Sonoma600
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat BlueberryClover Sonoma600
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat Summer Strawberry KefirClover Sonoma600
Wallaby, Lowfat Vanilla KefirDanone600
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat Perfect Blueberry KefirClover Sonoma600
Wallaby, Lowfat Mango KefirDanone600
O Organics, Nonfat Greek PlainSafeway/Albertson's600
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat Mango Passionfruit Pineapple KefirClover Sonoma600
Clover Sonoma, Lowfat Pomegranate Strawberry Acai KefirClover Sonoma600
Wallaby, Whole VanillaDanone600
Wallaby, Greek Whole BlueberryDanone600
Wallaby, Whole RaspberryDanone600
Clover Sonoma, Nonfat Greek VanillaClover Sonoma600
Horizon, Whole PlainDanone600
365 Everyday, Whole Greek PlainWhole Foods/Amazon550
Green Valley Creamery, Lowfat Blueberry Pomegranate Acai KefirGreen Valley Creamery550
365 Everyday, Nonfat PlainWhole Foods/Amazon550
Simple Truth, Nonfat Greek PlainKroger550
Latta, Nonfat PlainLatta USA533
Latta, Acidophilus PlainLatta USA533
Pavel's, Lowfat PlainPavel's520
Wegman's, Whole Greek PlainWegman's520
Green Mountain Creamery, Lowfat Greek PlainGreen Valley Creamery507
Wallaby, Greek Whole, No Sugar Added Vanilla ChaiDanone500
Wallaby, Greek Whole, No Sugar Added Peach HibiscusDanone500
Wallaby, Lowfat Blueberry KefirDanone500
Wallaby, Whole StrawberryDanone500
Wallaby, Lowfat Strawberry KefirDanone500
O Organics, Whole PlainSafeway/Albertson's500
Wallaby, Greek Whole, No Sugar Added Strawberry RoseDanone500
Wallaby, Greek Whole RaspberryDanone500
Wallaby, Greek Whole StrawberryDanone500
365 Everyday, Whole VanillaWhole Foods/Amazon450
365 Everyday, Lowfat PlainWhole Foods/Amazon450
365 Everyday, Whole PlainWhole Foods/Amazon450
Simple Truth, Lowfat PlainKroger450
2-Spoon RatingLower rated brands, typically made from factory farm milk or from milk of unknown origin.
Latta, Nonfat VanillaLatta USA433
Horizon, Whole VanillaDanone400
O Organics, Nonfat Greek VanillaSafeway/Albertson's400
365 Everyday, Lowfat VanillaWhole Foods/Amazon400
Latta, Nonfat PeachLatta USA383
365 Everyday, Whole BlueberryWhole Foods/Amazon350
Wegman's, Lowfat PlainWegman's320
Horizon, Whole StrawberryDanone300
Wegman's, Nonfat Greek VanillaWegman's270
Wegman's, Nonfat Greek BlueberryWegman's270
365 Everyday, Whole StrawberryWhole Foods/Amazon250
Simple Truth, Lowfat VanillaKroger250
Simple Truth, Nonfat Greek Vanilla BeanKroger250
1-Spoon RatingLowest rated yogurts, typically made from factory farm milk or from milk of unknown origin.
Wegman's, Lowfat PeachWegman's220
Wegman's, Lowfat BlueberryWegman's220
Wegman's, Lowfat Black CherryWegman's220
Wegman's, Lowfat StrawberryWegman's220
Wegman's, Lowfat RaspberryWegman's220
Wegman's, Whole Mixed BerryWegman's220
Wegman's, Whole Strawberry BananaWegman's220
Wegman's, Nonfat Greek StrawberryWegman's220
Wegman's, Lowfat VanillaWegman's220
Wegman's, Nonfat Greek Black CherryWegman's220
Wegman's, Whole VanillaWegman's220

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