Prairie Grazed Meats

Product offeringsRetail cuts, ground, sausage
Market areaOnline, MT
LocationHavre, MT
Specialty labels100% grass fed, GAP level 4
Participated in Survey?Yes
Total Score960

Prairie Grazed Meats’ products are available in Montana. Along with 100% grass-fed beef they also produce organic pasture raised pork. You can order their products online for Havre, MT or for delivery.

They say: “We are a proud family of 3rd and 4th generation ranchers offering wholesome beef and pork in Montana. Stewardship of our land and our animals goes above and beyond our USDA organic certification. Our cattle are bred with the optimal genetics for Montana climates, keeping them happy and healthy year round. They are 100% grass fed/finished on a rotational grazing plan to preserve our luscious pastures. Our pigs are free to roam and root under a grove of fruit trees, then supplemented with organic Montana lentils and ancient grains. These practices imbue our nutritious beef and pork with a distinctive flavor and tenderness unique to northern Montana.”

TOTAL (possible score is 1100) 960
Farms that participated in Cornucopia’s research providing full transparency receive the most points.
Transparency and Disclosure
100Superb disclosure
Family farms and farmer cooperatives that market their own beef receive the most points. Corporations that do not directly produce any beef receive the fewest points.
Ownership History
100Multi-generational family business
Beef sourced from a single operation receives the most points. Beef of unclear origins and/or with poor oversight receives the fewest points.
Beef Supply
80Multiple ranches supply this beef, but under multi-generational structure all in Montana
Farms that are 100% certified organic receive the most points, farms/brands that are split conventional and organic receive fewer points.
Commitment to Organics
100Only produces organic beef
This category is non-scoring and provided for information purposes.
Organic Certifier
Animal Welfare Approved, Real Organic Project, and Biodynamic certifications receive the most bonus points. Producers are not penalized for not having additional certifications beyond organic.
Other Labels and Standards
40GAP Level 4
100% grass-fed and finished or cattle finished with site-grown supplement receives the most points. Cattle finished exclusively in a feedlot receive the fewest points.
Beef Finishing
90Finished on pasture, supplemental feeding of forage during winter time
Points are awarded for quantity of time cattle are on pasture above and beyond what the USDA requires, and for the quality and care of the pasture.
Pasture and Grazing Management
90100% grass fed, year-round pasture access, adhere to the grass fed standards of the Montana Organic Producers CoOp; brand belongs and Panorama Meats
Brands that closely monitor and manage for health of soil, native species, and water quality receive the most points.
Environmental Stewardship
90Riparian areas rotationally grazed; monitor soil health by watching dung beetles and mycorrhiza beneath patties are monitored. Currently working on a new truly regenerative, organic system based on perennial crops and grazing
Cattle finished on pasture or on feed that is grown on-farm or procured locally receive the most points. Feed of unknown origin, or known to be imported, receives the fewest points.
Feed Sourcing
70Obtains 50% of feed on-site and the rest from organic suppliers
Lower cull and death rates recieve more points.
Cull and Death Rates
100Death rates less than 5%, usually at calving
More points are given for greater frequency of contact and close management with cattle and closed herds.
100On-sight oversight
Brands may receive extra credit for above and beyond transparency, or special practices not otherwise covered in the scorecard (see description for an explanation).
Extra credit