Schultz’s Eggs

Total Score2025

Schultz chickens are cage free, they are free to eat and exercise anywhere comfortably within an airy sunlit barn, or to roam outdoors in grassy fence free fields, when weather conditions are favorable. Schultz chickens are free-range, certified organic and have no hormones or antibiotics administered during their lifespan. Their barns and farm yards are carefully watched over and protected from predators. This is all part of providing Schultz chickens with a stress free environment that allows the flock to develop into healthy, happy birds that make delicious and nutritious eggs. Schultz eggs are high in Omega-3 fatty acids because of the Flaxmeal that we mix into their organic feed. They are also very high in the anti-oxidant vitamin E. To ensure that you are receiving the freshest and highest quality eggs, we candle and grade them right away.

Ownership Structure70
Average Flock Size70
Single or Double Henhouses60
Other Certifications (bonus points)
Organic Certifier85
Commitment to Organics100
Indoor Space per Bird100
Indoor Enrichments80
Litter Management80
Natural Light90
Outdoor Space per Bird100
Popholes/Exit to the Outdoors70
Outdoor Enrichments60
Outdoor Space Exemptions70
Outdoor Management System60
Manure Handling System90
Forced Molting100
Beak Trimming80
Laying Hen Lifespan80
Use of Spent Hens100
Death Loss Rate80
Pullet Access to Outdoors60
Feed Produced on Farm80
US Grown Feed100
Soy in FeedYes
Synthetic Amino Acids70
Disclosure Rate30