Nick’s Organic

Total Score2480

They write: “Since 1979, we have been committed to constant improvement in our organic farming methods and to a strong relationship with our customers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC, and West Virginia. We aim to minimize off-farm inputs through our diversified and integrated farming system, which combines animals under management intensive grazing and an 8-12 year crop rotation to raise vegetables, hay, pastures, grains, seed and livestock. Our practices are designed to constantly improve the quality of our soilsãwhich for us is the basis of our organic farming system.”

“We grow our own grain and grind our own organic poultry feed from organic grain we grow and occasionally buy from other local organic farms. Our poultry receive this certified organic feed and graze on our organic pastures. We also sell our certified organic poultry feed to other organic farmers and to customers for their personal flocks.”

This farm is certified by the Real Organic Project:

real organic project logo

Ownership Structure100
Average Flock Size100
Single or Double Henhouses100
Other Certifications (bonus points)100
Organic Certifier100
Commitment to Organics100
Indoor Space per Bird100
Indoor Enrichments100
Litter Management100
Natural Light100
Outdoor Space per Bird70
Popholes/Exit to the Outdoors100
Outdoor Enrichments100
Outdoor Space Exemptions100
Outdoor Management System90
Manure Handling System100
Forced Molting100
Beak Trimming100
Laying Hen Lifespan80
Use of Spent Hens100
Death Loss Rate20
Pullet Access to Outdoors100
Feed Produced on Farm100
US Grown Feed100
Soy in FeedYes
Synthetic Amino Acids70
Disclosure Rate70