Perry’s Ice Cream

Farm/Brand HeadquartersAkron, NY
ProductsIce cream
Market AreaNY, PA, OH, Northeast
Total Score695

In the previous iteration of the organic dairy scorecard this brand rated 4 cows. Unfortunately, they have failed to update some of their information needed for this more comprehensive scorecard. Since we were unable to confirm some of the information this brand has been downgraded by one whole classification. Where possible, this brand’s old scores, based on their previous survey and our confirmation work, were substituted into the new rubric to represent this change.

In dairy, we now see about half of the “organic” milk supply coming from factory dairies milking their cows as many as three to four times a day pushing for high production (legitimate organic farms usually milk twice a day). Cornucopia’s research also shows many of these dairies are still not providing the required amount of grazing for each cow as the law requires. While some excellent dairy marketers may feel they don’t need to participate because they already have a good relationship with their consumers, their lack of participation aids and abets factory farms and hurts ethical dairies across the country (many of whom do not have the option to directly market to consumers and need to rely on the wholesale marketplace).

Participation in this survey and scorecard separates the organic label between those brands that are ”beyond organic,” others at least meeting the minimum legal standards and those that are ethically deficient. In an industry where industrial dairies do have something to hide, the lack of transparency in brands that might otherwise score well hurts the integrity of the organic label.

If you’re a customer of this brand your voice may have some sway in the marketplace. Please use your power as a concerned consumer to ask your favorite brand to stand up for organic integrity by participating in The Cornucopia Institute’s research study and scorecard. Let them know you obviously have the option to use the scorecard to choose an alternative brand that is willing to be transparent with their practices.

TOTAL (possible score is 1600 plus extra credit) 695
3-Cow Rating | Unverified
Ownership structure80Family business
Milk Supply70Previous survey showed them supplied by supplied by Upstate Farms
Organic Production50No answer; milk is likely supplied by purely organic farms
Disclosure of Information for Verification0Did not participate with the new survey; no transparency
Organic Certification75Quality Assurance International (QAI)
Other Labels/Standards0None known
Grass-fed0Previous survey showed good compliance with grass consumption
Soy Free Ration?No answer. Soy is likely used in feed.
Pasture0Previous survey showed good pasture compliance
Times Milked90Likely twice a day (standard)
Cull/death Rate0Unknown
Replacements50Unknown if herds are regularly transitioned
Calves0No answer
Antibiotic Use90Likely no antibiotics used
Hormone Usage50Occasional oxytocin use
Farm Support80Previous survey showeddDairies visited regularly by staff
Procurement of Ingredients60Outside ingredients from trusted sources
Extra Credit0None