Maple Hill Creamery

Farm/Brand HeadquartersStuyvesant, NY
ProductsCheese, kefir, yogurt, fluid milk, grassfed
Market AreaNationwide
Total Score1420

They write: “Maple Hill Creamery is a farm-family owned dairy manufacturer founded in 2009, and is widely recognized as the preeminent leader in the emerging 100% grass-fed dairy category. They are the first dairy brand to receive the Pennsylvania Certified Organic 100% Grassfed Certification. Since day one, Maple Hill has stood by their conviction that 100% grass-fed organic dairy farming is better for everyone from cows to consumers. 100% grass-fed dairy farming produces the highest quality milk, supports the healthiest lifestyle for cows, improves the fertility of grazing land, and allows farmers to prosper. The Maple Hill Creamery Milkshed now numbers over 100 small farms, and is looking to transition at least several dozen more farms to certified 100% grass-fed in 2017. Maple Hill Creamery products are available nationwide in over 6,000 retailers, including many specialty and independent retailers. For more information, visit, and follow us on Twitter @MapleHillCream, Facebook (, and Instagram @maplehillcreamery.”

TOTAL (possible score is 1600 plus extra credit) 1420
5-Cow Rating | Top-Rated—Beyond Organic
Ownership structure80Majority family-owned with outside equity investment (brand has a good track record)
Milk Supply80100% of milk from own patrons
Organic Production100Brand only markets organic dairy products
Disclosure of Information for Verification100Full disclosure
Organic Certification85Products certified by Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO)
Other Labels/Standards80PCO 100% Grassfed Certification
Grass-fed100100% of farms are certified grassfed by PCO
Soy Free Ration?Yes
Pasture80Excellent pasture compliance; most farms use intensive rotational grazing
Times Milked90Two times a day (standard protocol on legitimate organic dairies)
Cull/death Rate75Moderate cull/death rate
Replacements90Some outside organic animals may be purchased; most have closed herds
Calves75Removed shortly after birth (standard practice)
Antibiotic Use100No antibiotic use
Hormone Usage100No hormones used
Farm Support85Representatives visit farms at least once a year, usually more often, and are very involved in farms at the beginning
Procurement of Ingredients100No outside dairy ingredients used
Extra Credit0None