Product NameRatingCertified OrganicParent CompanyScore
5-Spoon RatingTop-rated cottage cheese. Organic, made with high-quality milk, and few or no additives.
Kalona Super Natural 2% Reduced FatYesKalona Supernatural2150
Kalona Super Natural 4%YesKalona Supernatural2150
Nancy's Organic Probiotic Low FatYesNancy's2125
Nancy's Whole MilkYesNancy's2125
Good Culture Organic Whole MilkYesGood Culture2095
Westby Organic Small Curd 4%YesWestby Creamery2083
4-Spoon RatingHigher-rated cottage cheese. Organic, but either made with lower-rated milk or includes additives, or both.
Organic Valley 2% Low FatYesOrganic Valley1750
Organic Valley 4%YesOrganic Valley1750
Good Culture Organic MangoYesGood Culture1745
Good Culture Organic PineappleYesGood Culture1745
Good Culture Organic Strawberry ChiaYesGood Culture1745
Good Culture Organic Bluebarry Acai ChiaYesGood Culture1745
365 4%YesWhole Foods1550
365 Low Fat 1.5%YesWhole Foods1550
Horizon Regular Small Curd 4%YesDanone1450
Clover Organic 1.5%YesClover Sonoma1350
Clover Organic 2% Low FatYesClover Sonoma1350
3-Spoon RatingMiddle-tier cottage cheese. Conventional, with few or no additives.
Nancy's Natural Probiotic Low FatNoNancy's1325
Good Culture 2%NoGood Culture1195
Daisy 4%NoDaisy Brands1150
Daisy Low-fatNoDaisy Brands1050
Horizon Low FatYesDanone1050
Good Culture 4%NoGood Culture945
2-Spoon RatingLower-rated cottage cheese. Conventional, with additives.
Muuna Classic 4%NoBright Food800
Muuna Plain Low FatNoBright Food800
Breakstone's 4%NoKraft700
Knudsen Small Curd 4%NoKraft700
Good Culture Blueberry 2%NoGood Culture645
Knudsen 2%NoKraft600
Knudsen Fat FreeNoKraft600
Lactaid 4%NoHP Hood600
Trader Joes Fat FreeNoTrader Joes600
Breakstone's 2%NoKraft600
Good Culture Peach 2%NoGood Culture545
Good Culture Pineapple 2%NoGood Culture545
Good Culture Strawberry 2%NoGood Culture545
Muuna VanillaNoBright Food500
Breakstone's Fat FreeNoKraft500
Breakstone's Small Curd 2%NoKraft500
Breakstone's Small Curd 2%, 30% less sodiumNoKraft500
Dairy Pure Mix-in PineappleNoFormerly Dean Foods/TBD500
Market Pantry 1%NoTarget500
Market Pantry 4%NoTarget500
1-Spoon RatingLowest-rated cottage cheese. Conventional, with additives
Westby Large CurdNoWestby Creamery433
Knudsen Pineapple Low fatNoKraft400
Muuna MangoNoBright Food400
Friendship Whipped 1%NoSaputo Dairy Foods400
Dairy Pure Mix-in BlueberryNoFormerly Dean Foods/TBD400
Dairy Pure Mix-in Peach & PecanNoFormerly Dean Foods/TBD400
Dairy Pure Mix-in Strawberry & AlmondNoFormerly Dean Foods/TBD400
Friendship California Style 4%NoSaputo Dairy Foods400
Friendship Strawberry 1%NoSaputo Dairy Foods400
Trader Joes Small Curd 4%NoTrader Joes400
Market Pantry Fat FreeNoTarget400
Westby Fat-FreeNoWestby Creamery333
Westby Small Curd Low-FatNoWestby Creamery333
Westby Small Curd 2%NoWestby Creamery333
Kemps Small Curd 4%NoDairy Farmers of America300
Breakstone's Honey VanillaNoKraft300
Friendship Pot Style 2%NoSaputo Dairy Foods300
Muuna BlueberryNoBright Food300
Breakstone's StrawberryNoKraft300
Kemps Large CurdNoDairy Farmers of America300
Breakstone's PineappleNoKraft300
Breakstone's PeachNoKraft300
Friendship No Salt Added 1%NoSaputo Dairy Foods300
Friendship Peach 1%NoSaputo Dairy Foods300
Friendship Small Curd 1% LowfatNoSaputo Dairy Foods300
Kemps w/ Chives 4%NoDairy Farmers of America300
Land O'Lakes Small Curd 4%NoLand O'Lakes300
Muuna Black CherryNoBright Food300
Muuna Pineapple 2%NoBright Food300
Muuna RaspberryNoBright Food300
Breakstone's Mango HabaneroNoKraft300
Muuna StrawberryNoBright Food300
Cabot 4%NoAgri-Mark Cooperative300
Breakstone's RaspberryNoKraft300
Muuna PeachNoBright Food300
Friendship Pineapple 1%NoSaputo Dairy Foods300
Breakstone's BlueberryNoKraft300
Great Value Large Curd 4%NoWal-Mart300
Land O'Lakes Large Curd 4%NoLand O'Lakes300
Publix Large CurdNoPublix200
Kemps PineappleNoDairy Farmers of America200
Great Value Small Curd 4%NoWal-Mart200
Kemps Fat FreeNoDairy Farmers of America200
Kemps Honey PearNoDairy Farmers of America200
Land O'Lakes Small Curd 2%NoLand O'Lakes200
Land O'Lakes Small Curd Fat FreeNoLand O'Lakes200
Publix Small CurdNoPublix200
Land O'Lakes Small Curd 1%NoLand O'Lakes200
Kemps StrawberryNoDairy Farmers of America200
Great Value Small Curd 1%NoWal-Mart200
Kemps PeachNoDairy Farmers of America200
Cabot No FatNoAgri-Mark Cooperative200
Borden Fat-FreeNoDairy Farmers of America100
Kemps 1%NoDairy Farmers of America100
Kemps Mixed BerryNoDairy Farmers of America100
Borden Small Curd 4%NoDairy Farmers of America100
Kemps 2%NoDairy Farmers of America100
Publix Low FatNoPublix100
Borden Large Curd 4%NoDairy Farmers of America100
Publix Fat FreeNoPublix100
Borden 1%NoDairy Farmers of America100
Harris Teeter Small Curd Fat FreeNoKroger100
Friendship Small Curd 0%NoSaputo Dairy Foods0
Friendship Pineapple 0%NoSaputo Dairy Foods0
Great Value Small Curd Fat FreeNoWal-Mart0

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