Links below are websites we believe might contain valuable information that organic farmers, consumers and other members of the organic community might find useful.  Although this listing contains a number of Cornucopia’s allies and supporters we have not necessarily fully reviewed these websites (viewer discretion is advised).
Dictionary of Poultry Words and Terms
This is an alphabetical list of terms and slang in poultry and chicken keeping.

Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers: Encouraging organic and alternative food production in Canada by improving accessibility to organic farming content online.

The Eat Well Guide – a free online directory that allows anyone with internet access to search for sustainable food outlets throughout North America, including farmers’ markets, community supported agriculture (CSA) programs, food coops, health food stores, farms and restaurants. The Guide includes a mapping tool, “Eat Well Everywhere,” that helps you find good food on the road.

The HenCam is a a live webcam that provides a window into a healthy backyard laying flock. Terry Golson, the site’s owner, blogs about her hens, and provides information for people who keep chickens for their household use. Terry is a published food writer, so she knows how to make use of those good eggs ( and knows how different they are from eggs from CAFOs.) Terry’s children’s book, Tillie Lays an Egg, (Scholastic Press) features her backyard flock, and is the perfect way to introduce children to chickens.

If you enjoyed The HenCam, you can also see some chickens on CCTV performing their interesting natural behaviors. This page came highly recommend by a group of students preparing to build their very own chicken coop.

LocalHarvest is America’s leading local food website. We maintain a definitive and reliable “grassroots” public nationwide directory of more than 20,000 small farms, farmers markets, and other local food sources. Our search engine helps millions of people find products from family farms, local sources of sustainably grown food, and encourages them to establish direct contact with small farms in their local area. Our online store helps small farms develop markets for some of their products beyond their local area.

National Young Farmers Coalition represents, mobilizes, and engages young farmers to ensure their success. There are many resources for farming on this website.

Sustainable Table – an online encyclopedia of free, downloadable handouts on issues ranging from the environmental problems caused by industrial food production to how to host a sustainable dinner party.