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Support Farmers Transitioning to Organic!

Farmers harvesting greens in a field

The Opportunities in Organic Act of 2023, legislation introduced in the House and the Senate, would provide desperately needed financial and technical assistance for farmers transitioning to organic production. With the 2023 Farm Bill focusing the nation’s attention on how we grow our food, the time to stand up for organic is now. Tell your… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Authentic Organic Earns its Price

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The Real Cost of Food Authentic organic food is more expensive because the price reflects the enormous task of sustainable food production and the myriad costs of producing high-quality food grown in well-tended soil. Authentic organic relies on a mindset that treats the land, water, and air as shared resources and the farm as an… Read more »

Pro-Industry Journalism Casts Doubt on Real Science

Cornucopia’s Take: When scientific findings have regulatory consequences, the science is all too often subject to corporate spin. In this case, herbicide manufacturers have a vested interest in a regulatory conclusion that glyphosate is safe when used per label directions. The independent science says otherwise. For a good explanation of the corporate methodology and mythology at… Read more »

Heartbreak and Hope

Farmer with children walking in a field

The diagnostic story of California Cloverleaf Farms Dairy By Rachel Zegerius California Cloverleaf Farms is the latest casualty in organic dairy. Crushed by the onslaught of industrialized producers, Ward and Rosie Burroughs, with son Zeb and daughter-in-law Meridith, recently closed the doors on their 550-cow operation in the San Joaquin Valley. The loss of such… Read more »

Organic Food Group Pushes for Better Labeling

Bradenton Herald By BRIAN NEILL – [email protected] Mitch Blumenthal thinks more needs to be done to ensure that organic foods are properly handled and labeled. That’s why the owner of Global Organics, an organic foods wholesaler in Sarasota, supports a letter sent to President Barack Obama and the U.S. Department of Agriculture by a nonprofit… Read more »

Food Safety Bill Update — Senate Debate Underway

Steve Gilman NOFA Policy Coordinator In the Senate it’s well understood that the only safe place for proposed legislation to be for a Floor vote is in the “Manager’s Package”. Because there’s already lengthy and considerable bipartisan negotiation and buy-in at the committee level — the resulting Manager’s Package Bill is good to go for… Read more »

Wendell Berry Willing to Go to Jail to Fight Animal ID Program (NAIS)

Agripulse recorded organic farming theologian Wendell Berry suggesting that the USDA’s NAIS program is a conspiracy by the industrial livestock industry to cover up their improprieties. He closes by saying he would be willing to go to jail to resist these regulations in order to protect family farming opportunities for the next generation. Powerful!

Which Chicken Breeds Are Right for You?

Rodale Wellness by Lissa Lucas & Traci Torres of My Pet Chicken Learn how to read the breeds so you can build your best backyard flock. Source: Marilyn Brinker You’re the Casting Director of Your Flock Let’s take a look at how chicken breeds are described in catalogs–and how to decode what those descriptors mean. We’ll… Read more »

Organic Egg Scorecard Criteria

What questions do you have about our Organic Egg Scorecard criteria? Submit them here. Your input will be collected for a future video, so stay tuned for the answers! Organic Egg Scorecard Criteria Ownership Structure Commitment to Organic Label Add On Labels Flock Size(s) Hen Housing Type Indoor Spacing Outdoor Spacing Quality of Outdoor Access Outdoor… Read more »

Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own started in 1982 as a small boutique operation. All profits go to the Newman charitable foundation, and, to date, the company reports that $370 million has been generated for charity. Newman’s does not offer any organic cereal choices. Newman’s Own Organics, a company started by Paul Newman’s daughter Nell in 1993, has been… Read more »